Cash Management

Early of June 2007, Bank BCA has successfully settled the implementation of Icom Cash  Management System from Carreker, a Technology partner of PT ATM.

Self Service Passbook Printer

Self Service Passbook Printer (SSPP) is a unique solution for managing passbook printing operated by the customers.

ATM Club

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ATMclub A New Concept for Providing ATM Services

“The Branding is in the Service, not in the Terminal”

ATM Club offers the banks a unique way of sharing the ATM terminals. It provides the “true” sharing of the ATM terminals. The ATMclub member banks can call it “my ATM” and their customers too. The users feel “at home” :  the services are familiar,  well known and well recognised. 

True Sharing.
The member banks share the physical service-points – the ATM terminals, but the services are member bank unique and specific. The individual member bank can offer its customers the same quality services as offered on their own, proprietary ATMs terminals – all transaction types and user dialogues “belong” to the member bank.
The ATM terminal will automatically identify the member bank from the inserted card and switch to this bank’s “mode of operation”. The customers will immediately recognise the bank’s quality services as their own. This unique feature ensures the quality “branding” services are retained by the by the individual member bank – “the branding is in the service, not in the terminal”.

Cost Effective.
Because the ATM terminals are shared among the ATMclub members, a member bank gains access to an increased number of ATM terminals at a substantially reduced cost of investment.
A member bank can offer its unique, quality services to their customers on multiple and shared ATM terminals. This means reduced costs for operating and providing ATM services to its customers.

Total Outsourcing.
The outsourcing provides the means to free up resources and to give more on the core business: banking. ATMclub offers a solution for total management and operations of the ATMclub terminal network.

Market Segment.
ATMclub focuses the deployment at off-premise location, where most banks encounter more challenging tasks, operationally as well as financially. ATMclub offers the solution to “re-strategising” the off-premise ATM deployment program.


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