Cash Management

Early of June 2007, Bank BCA has successfully settled the implementation of Icom Cash  Management System from Carreker, a Technology partner of PT ATM.

Self Service Passbook Printer

Self Service Passbook Printer (SSPP) is a unique solution for managing passbook printing operated by the customers.

Self Service Passbook Printer


The S4680 - Advanced is a unique solution for managing Passbook printing operated by the customers. This solution is exclusively designed to work with the banks existing passbooks:  -  there is no need to change or invest in new passbooks. The passbooks are simply encoded with a Bar-Code, containing the necessary passbook identification details.
Customer convenience: it provides a fast, easy and convenient way to keep the passbooks “up to date”, without queueing or engaging the branch staff.
Branch staff assistance: passbook update transactions are typical “low value – high cost” transactions, best performed by convenient and dedicated self service equipment, thus giving the staff more time to process the profitable transactions and improve productivity figures.
The S4680 - Advanced easily integrates with the financial institutions transaction system and its robust design makes it ideal for the 24 hours access locations.

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